Hi-ROI Staking network

A Cardano Incentivised Test Net staking experiment


It has become clear that Cardano ITN staking pools earn Hi ROI with a low live stake. Howevever when a High-Return On Investment point is reached other stakers soon pile in and the ROI reduces. I got sick of constantly looking for reliable low stake pools to switch to. With a little managment on my part I believe I have a method to control this. Join the experiment!!


To build a set-and-forget staking pool network such that looking for and switching to           STABLE QUALITY pools with a low live stake is no longer needed. Delegate once and relax baby. In this experiment we aim to build as many controled Hi-ROI pools as needed to keep their live stake on target and the Return On Investment Hi.


Not telling yet, all will be revieled in time. Infact at some point I might need some help                       with the data, let me know if you would like to help! 

Secondary Objective:

Optimise low live stake pool settings to cover costs while maximising                                                  ROI for stakers. Have some fun and see how the game theory plays out.

Ultimate Objective:

Help build Charles Hoskinson's and our shared vision of how the future should be. 


Important, Read this first!

My first pool (HIROI) may not end up as a Hi-ROI pool as the live staked amount can not be managed by me. However once our first pool hits our optimum target (currently 5 M ADA) use our contact to let us know you want to move to a Hi-ROI controled live stake pool and I will send instructions.

The lucky first to email once we hit the 5 M wins 500 real ADA.